Galaxy S21: Samsung would do like Apple, say goodbye to the charger included in the box!

by Jerry

Samsung could skip the charger in the Galaxy S21 box to lower its production costs. Sources close to the manufacturer report that Samsung is currently exploring such a scenario.

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Sources close to the manufacturer quoted by Sam Mobile say Samsung is discussing the removal of the charger included in the box of its next smartphones. This accessory is now taken for granted, but as a cluster of rumors reports, it is likely at this point that the iPhone 12 will be sold without any fast chargers. Samsung would consider following suit on at least part of its range.

Samsung would mimic Apple with charger included to save money

It must be said that in just over a decade, universal load standards have finally become established. Not so long ago, it was not possible to lend your charger to a friend if you were, for example, at Nokia and him at Ericsson. In 2020, it is likely that you will charge your current smartphone at least periodically with a third-party power supply or that you already had before you bought your model.

And since all current smartphones have a USB port type C, Lightning or micro USB, it is very easy to pass the power supply to a friend, even if his smartphone is of different brand. So, after more than 10 years of delivering universal chargers in the boxes of its smartphones, Samsung relies on the fact that most of its customers already have what it takes at home to charge the device. The others will have to buy the charger extra.

We understand the dual interest for smartphone manufacturers. The inclusion of the charger in the box like any other accessory has a significant cost on all production costs. In addition, many customers prefer to use only official chargers, which should allow Samsung to sell more. However, there is a fear that the user will not really find himself there in the end. Firstly becauseit is not certain that this economy will be seen through the selling price of the device.

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Second, because the charger, as a device, is not as mature as one might think. Not least because of the fast charging standards that change every year. The latest, Xiaomi will soon offer a fast charger of 120 W to its customers to reduce the full charging time to less than 20 minutes.

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