PS5: plan for space, here's what the console will look like in your living room

by Jerry

The launch of the PS5 is approaching, we're almost there. In the meantime, if you want to see the console's space at home, people have created 3D models for augmented reality applications. Warning, sensitive souls refrain: the console is voluminous, very voluminous.

Photo credit: Phonandroid

Since the presentation of the PS5, estimates and other rumors about its volume are going well. It must be admitted that if we refer to the official visuals, the console seems much more imposing than its predecessors. And thanks now to virtual reality, it is possible to see the place that will occupy in the living room the console of Sony. Get ready, because some room, you're going to need some.

Will the PS5 be the largest console of all time?

Although no launch date has yet been indicated by Sony regarding the PS5, it is nevertheless known that the console will be released shortly before the holiday season. The console could be released in mid-November, while Carrefour's website announces that it will be available for pre-order from October 3.

Anyway, the marketing of the PS5 is fast approaching, and if you are planning to acquire it, plan some space on your shelves or TV furniture. Duuro Plays' Twitter account had fun imagining the console "in situation" using an augmented reality app. Given this video, there is no doubt that the console is imposing and that many will have a hard time placing it in a small piece of furniture or on a simple shelf. The same video also shows the volume occupied by the Xbox Series X and again, it must be recognized that it is rather large.

According to the latest estimates, the console should measure about 40 x 22 x 10 cm. This would probably be the largest console in the last 20 or 30 years, or even the entire history of video games. Why such a volume? Probably because of the cooling system. Recall that Sony would have encountered some problems of overheating on its PS5. The Japanese manufacturer would then have revised its copy by re-engineering the components dedicated to cooling the console.

If you want to see what your PS5 will give you at home, just download the Particular Augmented Reality app (available on iPhone and iPad only). On Android, pick up the Sketchfab app and download one of the available PS5 models. Enough to make you an idea of the place occupied by the console … And reorganize your interior accordingly?

So here's a comparison IRL powered by #AR from the guys @ImperiumApps of the #PS5 and #XboxSeriesX sizes. What do you think? #XboxGamesShowcase #Xbox #PlayStation5 #PlayStation #Sony

— Duuro Plays (@duuro_com) July 7, 2020


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