Galaxy S21 (S30): no photo sensor under the screen, Samsung would reserve this novelty …

by Jerry

The Galaxy S21 (S30) would not be equipped with a photo sensor for selfies hidden under the screen, a South Korean media outlet has revealed. Finally, Samsung decided to reserve this technology for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, its next foldable smartphone.

A few weeks ago, Samsung was still hesitant to integrate a selfie photo sensor under the screen of its Galaxy S21 (S30). In development for more than 3 years in the group's laboratories, this technology is not yet completely developed. For now, the photo sensor under the slab is not up to Samsung's requirements, said Ice Universe, a reputable informant.

Finally, Samsung decided not to place a hidden photo module under the screen on the Galaxy S21, report our colleagues from The Elec, a South Korean media outlet. Ross Young, CEO of analytics firm Display Supply Chain Consultants, confirmed the news on his Twitter account. The brand should once again bet on a holed screen similar to that of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20.

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A 100% borderless screen for the Galaxy Z Fold 3

According to information obtained by The Elec from sources close to the industry, Samsung has decided to delay the launch of its technology due to its low production performance. Unable to produce enough compatible OLED slabs, the manufacturer would have preferred to postpone the arrival of this novelty until the second half of next year. The first Samsung smartphone with a selfie sensor under the screen would be the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the brand's next foldable flagship. The terminal would therefore be built around a 100% borderless folding screen.

As a reminder, Samsung had already considered placing a camera under the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. In the end, the firm had failed to combine the ultra thin foldable screen (Ultra Thin Glass) and its photo module technology under the slab. As The Elec points out, the process of making the camera under the screen involves drilling a tiny hole in the AMOLED slab with a laser. In a second step, Samsung covers this punch with a transparent screen capable of hiding the presence of the module without reducing the quality of the photographs. We'll tell you more about it as soon as possible. While you're waiting for more information, please comment in the comments below.

No under panel camera on S21

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) August 4, 2020

Source: The Elec

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