Android 14 Beta 1 is released and brings news in sharing

by Jerry

The next version of Android took an important step on Wednesday. After two developer-oriented editions, Google has released the first beta of Android 14. The system is expected to be officially launched after August.

The system is available to owners of handsets in the Google Pixel line, from the Pixel 4a 5G onwards. For now, there is no official compatibility with handsets from other brands.

This is the first of four beta versions scheduled for Android 14. For now, there is no big news.

The gesture of returning, sliding your finger from the edge of the device, now has a new, more prominent arrow.

Developers can also add custom actions to the sharing panel, which should become smarter when trying to guess who and what app you want to share that item with.

There are also app-specific language settings and new privacy settings.

Android 14 should bring more features
The news brought in the first beta of Android 14 are just a slice of what the new version of the operating system should have.

According to what appeared in the first versions for developers, Android 14 should have:

support for two eSIM virtual chips;
bloatware removal more easily;
app names on the tablet and foldable taskbar;
Health Connect, a new health hub;
official support for “cloned” apps, as in the Galaxy line, allowing you to use two WhatsApp on the same device, for example;
customizations for external keyboards;
independent selection of measurement systems and calendars;
support for satellite calls.
We should have more details about these and more features on May 10, when Google I/O, the company’s conference for developers, takes place.

Android 14 is expected to officially launch after August, according to Google. It arrives first for the devices of the Pixel line. In the following months, manufacturers update their devices.

As with any beta version, it is always good to remember that this phase is intended for testing, and may present crashes and instabilities.

This is already bad in case of apps, as we saw recently with WhatsApp. For operating systems, it’s even more dangerous, so be careful.

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