WhatsApp releases function to send message without adding number

by Jerry

WhatsApp this week launched the feature to send messages to numbers that are not on the user’s calendar. The novelty, which was awaited for a long time and was seen in the beta versions, will be gradually released to the billions of accounts in the application. So don’t get “stressed” if the tool still doesn’t show up for you.

The new function will allow users to chat with other numbers without having to save them to their calendar. This will make it easier for those occasions when you need to talk to a contact on a specific occasion, such as contacting some store or clinic. What’s more, it will be a safer and more “private” way to chat with unknown numbers.

How to chat without adding the number on iOS and Android
Lucky for WhatsApp users, the steps to chat with a number without saving it to your calendar are the same for Android and iOS — which may soon have the identical interface. And, thankfully, very simple to use.

Just click on the new conversation icon (located in the lower right corner), enter the desired number and click the “chat” button, which will appear next to the name of the account with which you want to open a chat – of course, if it has a WhatsApp account.

As shown in the image above, numbers that aren’t added to your address book appeared under a menu titled “Not in your contact list.” When you type the unsaved contact, the existing options to add contact and share invitation link will continue to be shown in WhatsApp.

To use this new tool of the app, the user needs to install the latest version of WhatsApp. The feature will be a hand in the wheel to contact those establishments that even have a link to open a conversation without saving the number, but that are broken – I think we all go through this when seeking the contact of a clinic, restaurant or store.

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