The next Life Is Strange is incredible! Better than the previous ones

by Jerry

At the Summer Game Fest Xbox conference, Square Enix made an appearance to unveil the trailer for one of their upcoming games. If we thought we had news about Visions of Mana – finally arrived a few days later – the studio preferred to unveil a preview of the next chapter of the Life Is Strange saga. The game has been taken over by Deck Nine and offers us a new narrative adventure, with a familiar heroine and supernatural powers.

Even more powerful than before
The first trailer for Life Is Strange Double Exposure showed us Max Caulfield, the main character of the first title in the franchise. Her life as a student is now behind her, as she begins a new chapter in her life with friends we don’t know yet. Sophie is one of them, and she seems to be a loyal friend of Max’s… before she was brutally murdered.

Square Enix’s showcase tells us today that Double Exposure will take on the appearance of a murder party, in which Max will become a budding detective. The murder of her friend is extremely mysterious, there are no weapons or suspects and only Sophie’s body can help her understand the circumstances of this tragic event. Fortunately, the young woman can rely on her powers to unravel the true from the false and save Sophie.

Unlike the first game where Max had the ability to go back in time for very short periods of time, here he develops an even more useful ability. Now he can wander into parallel dimensions, where Sophie’s death has not yet occurred. He must solve puzzles, collect clues, and connect different events to solve the mystery. The developers tell us that this is actually an extension of its initial power, which gives the game a welcome sense of progression and continuity.

Old to make new
The studio didn’t just recycle one of its main characters, it also built bridges between the two stories to attract both new and old players. Visually, Life Is Strange Double Exposure maintains its initial art direction, with a real impression of modernity in terms of animation and motion capture. The conference is an opportunity to learn more about the developers’ intentions towards the characters, but also about the people involved in the design of the game that will arrive on your platforms on October 29th. Keep in mind that it will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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