LG G4 Pro: a metal shell to better compete with the Galaxy Note 5

by Jerry

In mid-March, the head of LG's mobile division told the Korea Herald that the company would release two high-end products this year. The G4 and a second phone that would most likely be a phablet. Two months later, the president of LG Taiwan confirmed that a second flagship would be announced and launched in the second half of the year. Today, ETNews returns to the subject to reveal new information about the device, starting with its name, the LG G4 Pro.

The LG G4 will be entitled to its phablet version.

While the LG Optimus G and the G2 were both entitled to their "Pro" variant, this was not the case with the G3, which was content with an LG G3 Screen equipped with a home-made processor and whose marketing was very limited, as for the G Pro 2. However, the Korean seems determined to adopt a whole new strategy with the LG G4 Pro, phablet version of its latest flagship, which he obviously intends to erect as a direct competitor of the Galaxy Note 5.

To better differentiate the LG G4 Pro from its latest flagship just released, the company intends to take the same turn as that operated by Samsung last year by capitalizing on a premium metal design. Of the four major manufacturers, LG is the only one to still offer plastic flagships incidentally equipped with a removable battery. Let's hope we don't lose this feature with the arrival of metal.

A decision on which, moreover, not everyone seems to agree within the company because some decision makers would like the company to experiment with metal first on niche models before proposing it on a high-end product. Nevertheless, it would appear that this second option is well within the company's plans.


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