LG G4: its dismantling reveals a smartphone very easy to repair

by Jerry

So far, the LG G4 smartphone has gotten pretty good returns. What will happen after he's passed between iFixit's surgeons? Obviously, the team of dissecters of new high-tech products enjoyed the experience. Answer in pictures.

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If you have just acquired the LG G4, rest assured, this model has obtained a score of 8/10, in other words, you are in possession of a good well-designed, well-built and therefore easily removable for possible repairs (the later will be the better).

Starting with a fact that is less and less common on smartphones: the shell can be opened by hand without problems thanks to the presence of a notch. This allows you to change the battery yourself if need be. No tools are required for this step.

After removing the 3,000 mAh battery, the iFixit team used a screwdriver and spudger halfway to remove the motherboard. They then unearthed Samsung's 3GB OF RAM, a Qualcomm 1.8 GhZ Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor and 32GB Toshiba memory.

The hardest part for the iFixit team was disassembling the camera, a pretty painstaking task given the image stabilizer, but they did it without too much effort. The team reports that even the Jack socket was removed and handed over without any problems because it was simply fixed by spring contacts, just like the vibrator.

The weak points of the phone are that the phone's ice is attached to the LCD screen so that in case of breakage, you will be forced to change both. One last question may still arise. After a dismantling like this, will the LG G4 still be able to get by after two hours underwater?


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