LG G4: wireless charging available only with the official cover

by Jerry

Shortly after the official announcement of the LG G4, it was then possible to discover that the Korean smartphone was compatible with wireless charging. One way for the company to make the pill swallow better about Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging since at the time it was said that the device would not offer this feature, although in reality it is part of the game but not through the charger provided. And it turns out that the same is true with wireless charging. You'll understand why.

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The LG G4 and its official Quick Circle protective cover.

As we learn today android Police which obtained the information directly from LG, the LG G4 will only be compatible with wireless charging if you buy a Quick Circle protective cover, sold separately. From there, all models will become compatible with Qi technology, with the exception of the one distributed by the U.S. operator AT-T.

In other words, access to wireless charging will generate an additional cost. But that’s not all. As you already know and as confirmed by LG to Android Police, the accessory will only be available in plastic version. In other words, if you've decided to opt for the leather version, not only will you pay more, but you won't be able to enjoy both the premium leather and Qi refill.

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Note that Samsung had already adopted the same strategy with the Galaxy Note 4 by marketing special shells for wireless charging, some time after the release of the phablet. However, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are natively compatible with this technology.


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