The LG V10 demonstrates its robustness in this fall test video

by Jerry

The LG V10 is a bit of an outsider smartphone this fall 2015. No one was waiting for him, no one saw it coming. Now, the latest smartphone of the Korean manufacturer seems to want to send heavy and level configuration but also robust level. Our colleagues at Android Authority have certainly taken great pleasure in mistreating the latest LG model with a dual-screen front screen.

We presented the LG V10 on the day of its officialization, as an enhanced version of the LG G4, one of the most popular smartphones of 2015. This "new version" is therefore adorned with a very nice technical sheet but also a particularly strong coating with a stainless steel chassis. Its hull was formed from a material called DuraSkin, a very robust plastic capable of taking blows and other scratches.

In addition, the technical features of the LG V10 state that it has a MIL-STD-810 certification, stating that the smartphone can suffer 26 falls from a height of about 1 meter 22 on a plywood board placed on a concrete block. If we generally prefer to stick to one or two falls maximum, the team of the source site decided to take this certification at its word.

As you will see in the video, the tester tried to reproduce plausible scenes in everyday life: a fall of hands, the smartphone falling as we get out of the car,… before deciding to push the robustness of the LG V10 to its limits,going so far as to make him make several very acrobatic throws.

In total, 15 falls and throws that will not really manage to overcome the new LG. We will have to wait until the fifteenth perilous jump to see a break in the screen except that, some scratches, that's all.

A true warrior that this LG V10 since despite the damaged screen, it continues to function properly even at the second screen located at the top of the main; competitive smartphones would have cashed in significantly less. Note that at 749 euros, it's good to know that your smartphone can withstand shocks.

Let us know what you think of the new LG V10, could you consider it for a future purchase? Are you surprised by his resistance?


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