A video of the LG V10 shows the interest of its second encrusted screen

by Jerry

The smartphone having made its small effect last week is undoubtedly the LG V10. Few people expected a model like this, the eyes being rather focused on the LG G4 Pro, still too shy for now. Nevertheless, the LG V10 and its second small built-in screen, its dual rear camera sensor and other technical details make this model a very nice surprise.

The concept of the second screen or "ticker" had not really been revealed until now, most of the information about it evoked the Samsung Continuum or consisted of images distilled on a drip. Today, a commercial puts into action this additional screen demonstrating all the possibilities it offers.

Called LG UX 4.0, it's an ingenious independent screen system that's still part of the main slab, allowing shortcuts and options in the blink of an eye. The video is obviously about use for business purposes, the device allowing you to access a level of productivity that you would not have achieved without it.

It will also save your moments, whether you need a small or a wide angle, it can be solved with a simple gesture: farewell the selfie sticks and the dangers they represent. The third part of the video deals with the Vivid Experience, a feature of the LG UX 4.0 that will give you wide control of the photo settings.

The LG V10 is the first smartphone to have a manual mode for video so you can manage the dose of light on a particular object. Finally, after the Vivid Experience, make way for the Audio Experience. With the UX 4.0, again, you will be able to play the sound engineer and create what you want.

The LG V10 is a smartphone that has shown its robustness and that gives the user pride of place because of its freedom of settings in particular. The only downside is that this model will not come out in Europe which is a shame. One can imagine that LG did not want to shoot itself in the foot before the release of the next LG G4 Pro.

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