LG is also in the race for the foldable screen smartphone

by Jerry

One of the next major advances in smartphone design will involve the commercialization ofa flexible or fully foldable terminal. For several years, plans and patents have been multiplying explaining different methods but it seems that Samsung is about to reach the goal… closely followed by a competitor named LG.

A few weeks ago announced that the company that author of the latest Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 5 was about to release early next year not only its famous Galaxy Note 5 in our European countries but also the very first foldable screen mobile terminal.

This next model would be the sum of several years of research and would embody the logical evolution of its curved screens first curved on the Galaxy Round model, then redesigned in glass substrate on the Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge and Note Edge whose interest he explained the interest of the curved screen.

Curved screens are nothing special and do not really improve the usefulness of the smartphone. The real challenge for this future foldable terminal will be to bring real interest. How can you take advantage of a foldable screen that can offer a tablet and a small screen in a closed position? In any case, this is one of the points of support of the Project Valley planned for January and currently in the running in 3GB version under Snapdragon 620 and 820. It would also be equipped with a microSD port.

No visual information on the device is currently available however, Samsung announced that LG had also created prototypes of foldable screens and that these would be used by Samsung on its exhibition models. Surreptitiously, the information has passed: LG has also unravelled the mystery of the foldable screen and has been since it seems the beginning of the year.

We remember of course the LG G Flex smartphones totally curved but while waiting for concrete proof of the new product of Lucky Goldstar, we can always daydream in front of the prototype of Samsung presented for the first time at the last CES. In continuous testing since then, an automated arm continuously opens and closes the tablet to prove that the screen is not wearing out. Its touch slab incorporates a thin metal net and not a tin indium film (ITO), which deteriorates during folding.

So let's remember that very soon we should see the arrival of several foldable screen terminals thanks to the know-how of two major Korean manufacturers and innovators, Samsung and LG but who knows, maybe others are also preparing their products out of sight…?


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