LG V10: The dual-screen smartphone will be released in Europe soon

by Jerry

The LG V10 has created a small and pleasant surprise by landing uncomauthorized in the round of new smartphones of the fall. Offering a very interesting technical sheet, it was until now reserved for some markets outside Europe. But it won't last.

  • To discover: The entire technical sheet of the LG V10.

If you had therefore drawn a line on the LG V10, rejoice since LG has just announced that its new smartphone would indeed havean exit on European territory. While distribution in the U.S. market will start in the next few days, other important markets such as China, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East will be eligible for it a few weeks after the initial launch.

The reason for this change in strategy follows the disappointing financial results recorded by the Korean manufacturer during the last period, as about 62 million euros of losses were reported in the third quarter.

The expansion of the LG V10 here in video, in more markets would allow the manufacturer to hope for a less chaotic end to the year than expected. To do this, she plans to put the small dishes in the big ones through advertising campaigns and celebrities, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the American campaign. The Chinese market will be entitled to "Deluxe" versions featuring gold trim or leather coatings.

Remember that the LG V10 is the smartphone with a second screen built into the 5.7-inch main IPS slab. Called LG UX 4.0, this "ticker" will provide quick access to the smartphone's multiple features to improve user productivity.

The LG V10 will also be very interesting for photography enthusiasts with a 5-megapixel dual sensor that allows for a wide angle (120 degrees) avoiding the cumbersome use of selfie sticks. Its 16-megapixel rear sensor will not be outdone either with a stabilizer.  He can immortalize your moments in 16:9 or 12:9.


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