The LG G5 expected with a metal unibody shell

by Jerry

Expected for 2016, the LG G5 would be the first high-end Korean company to offer a metal unibody shell. A turn probably inevitable.

The LG V10 and its metal edges.

While the LG G4 is one of the few high-ends of 2015 to offer a plastic (or leather) shell and, therefore, a removable battery, unlike most of its competitors, the LG G5 has a good chance of arriving with a metal unibody shell. According to the latest corridor noises, the company is about to follow in the footsteps of Samsung, HTC and Sony.

In recent years, the market has evolved and LG remains one of the few to offer plastic flagships. However, as we read earlier this year, the company clearly intends to evolve the design of its range with more premium materials.

A turn already started a few weeks ago with the LG Class. A first test to test the market, as Samsung had done, for its part, with the Galaxy Alpha and with the A-series. Then came the LG V10, a new high-end smartphone that features a metal frame that is supposed to enhance its strength.

A smartphone that already looks promising on paper. Last month, it was reported that the LG G5 would arrive with a Snapdragon 820 processor, like most of the future high-ends of 2016. There is also talk of a 20-megapixel photo sensor designed by Sony and customized by LG, such as the G4.

Every year, the company offers major improvements on the photo sensors of its smartphones and the G5 should be no exception to the rule. Check out our dedicated article to learn more about the release date of the LG G5, which is expected to arrive soon in 2016.


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