LG TracFone: the Android smartphone cheaper than a movie seat more powerful than the 1…

by Jerry

This is an unusual outing that LG has reserved for us. The Korean manufacturer sells the TracFone, an Android smartphone cheaper than a movie seat and more powerful than the first iPhone.

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Sometimes there are completely unexpected announcements from manufacturers, the LG TracFone is one of them. This smartphone has the distinction of being more than affordable since it costs less than a movie ticket: 9.82 dollars.

Why dollars? Because at the moment the smartphone is only available in the United States at the retail giant Walmart. And what is surprising to American observers is that this LG TracFone is more powerful than the very first iPhone.

Well, it's more powerful than the first iPhone but it's not a lightning war either. Nevertheless for this price it offers a surprising technical sheet. It includes a 1.2GHz processor, a 3.8-inch screen and a 3-megapixel camera. It is also equipped with WiFi, bluetooth 4.0 and a microSD port that can support up to 32GB. Finally it runs Android KitKat.

It is this last point that will be a problem for users since security updates are no longer made on this version of Android and malware can therefore infiltrate more easily. However it is possible to install third-party applications such as a third-party browser that is protected from malware.

Finally, and this is a very interesting point, the LG TracFone is powerful enough to run more than a million applications present on Google Play Store. It's pretty good for a smartphone cheaper than a movie seat right?

For now, as we said above, this smartphone is only available in the United States. But such an affordable model could work well in our countries if only to serve as a backup smartphone. So what do you think of this smartphone to say the least original?


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