LG G5: Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, iris scanner and fingerprint reader from February

by Jerry

By releasing the high-end models LG G4 and then LG V10 a few months later, the Korean manufacturer remains expected at the turn regarding the fifth generation of its LG G range. It must be said that the 4th was a real success in every respect. Here are the latest rumors about the LG G5.

Concept by Jermaine Smit

The LG G4 is still one of the best smartphones of 2015. Versatile, powerful and aesthetically pleasing, this 5.5-inch Quad-HD is equipped with 3GB of RAM and is powered by the Snapdragon 808 processor in case you don't know it yet. A 16-megapixel photo sensor with OIS optical stabilizer; the technical record of a worthy representative of the brand, setting the bar high and giving much hope for the future.

After this model, somewhat less expensive alternative versions such as the LG G4c, the G4 Stylus or the G4 S. Quickly, the theories around an LG G4 Pro and an LG G5 appeared. It wasn't until September that the officialization of the LG V10 took everyone to a backseward, presenting a surprising built-in dual-screen smartphone. The first representative of a brand new range, the V10 offers a technical sheet that lives up to the expectations raised.

The real curiosity lies in its "ticker", the second screen built into the touch slab but operating independently, giving direct access to options and features complementary to applications. Unlike the G4, the V10 features a metal chassis and DuraSkin rear bump-proof coating. As pleasant as this model heading to Europe, the question of the LG G5 always arises.

LG G5 concept by Jermaine Smit

Information about him has not been common lately, however, one of the few has attracted attention. A statement from South Korea said the LG G5 would be presented in early February 2016. A curiosity if we refer to the G4 that was presented in April. The press release also reports that the future smartphone would be quickly put on the trade after the announcement.

Thus, a head-on collision with Samsung and its Galaxy S7 is to be expected. If the report is correct, LG may even prioritize its Korean competitor, which plans to formalize its S7 in March.

The report goes further by focusing on some technical details that may appear on the next mobile from LG expected with an all-metal cladding. The LG G5 should be equipped with an iris scanner as well as a fingerprint reader. Logic would have it that the phone is placed on the back of the phone on the usual unlock button of the range.

The LG G5 is expected to be the same size as the G4, offering a 5.5-inch Quad-HD display. 4GB of RAM should support the Snapdragon 820. 20MP and 8MP photo sensors would be located at the rear and front of the mobile, respectively. Now it remains to know the price of the LG G5, which should logically position itself on the high end


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