LG would abandon its G Flex 3 model for a new LG V10

by Jerry

The first rumours appear in the run-up to the CES show in Barcelona. The annual event will be the scene of announcements made by the biggest players in the smartphone world. LG is no exception to the rule, prompting the first hypotheses on its 2016 schedule.

Samsung will inevitably be among the busiest stands but LG should not be outdone either since its LG G5 is expected as one of the highlights of the new year. It is also a little around him that the information clumps. A few days ago, we were talking about an outing in February and a start of configuration including iris scanner and fingerprint reader. It's a good start, but what about his other products?

As you know, the last few weeks have seen the international rollout of a new model, the LG V10. The one we have selected as one of the most surprising Android smartphones of 2015 seems to be heralded as a sales success in Asia. As far as Europe is concerned, it should not be long before it arrives. Nevertheless, a report from South Korea announces that the successor to the V10 is being prepared, to the detriment of another model that is well-awaited.

Indeed, the LG V10 or at least its new version would come at the expense of an LG G Flex 3. It would be scrapped at CES 2016, which may seem strange given that the manufacturer usually takes the opportunity to expose its OLED technology. An explanation would again cause the Snapdragon 810 which caused some temperature problems at G Flex 2. That's why LG may now want to focus solely on its LG G5 and LG V10.

Regarding the estimates of release dates, everything remains to be done, a first communicated a possible release date of the G5 before the Galaxy S7 in february, however, this latest information would lean more towards a release in April – like the previous models – and the LG V10 again in the second part of 2016.

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