The LG G5 under fire for very low autonomy and unused modules…

by Jerry

This is news that would have passed LG, indeed many users complain about the smartphone, because it would have a very low battery life, but especially for its modules that simply do not work.

Today with the internet it is much easier to share the defects of a product and to share it with as many people as possible. And unfortunately for LG, this is obviously the case for its G5, and it did not need it given the very low sales of the latter.

Indeed currently on Reddit many people complain about the smartphone, in question a very low autonomy, but especially for totally failing modules. But also a very fragile design that would see the ignition button break.

For example, we note the case of this person who had to wait for his fourth Cam plus module before he could use it, thefirst three being simply unusable. At the same time he had exchanged his LG G5 twice because of a GPS problem, but also a faulty battery holding just 3 hours screen on.

But for some people it's even more serious, indeed another redditeur explains having exchanged 5 times his smartphone, each time for a different problem. You should know that each time LG recognized the defect and quickly exchanged the smartphone.

And this isn't the first time LG has faced this kind of problem. We remember, for example, last year when users petitioned LG to report a bug forcing the LG G4 to restart. In the end this was a design problem causing a false contact between the components.

Let's see how LG reacts to this new wave of problems. In any case they have better ensure the coup with their next high-end modular smartphone, the LG V20, or risk really getting into a crisis.

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