LG would also launch a flexible smartphone in 2017 to counter Samsung

by Jerry

We already know that Samsung should launch its own flexible smartphone as early as 2017. But the Korean LG should not let it get ahead, since it would also be at the design of a foldable smartphone that would also come out next year.

Smartphones don't really move anymore. The year 2016 confirmed this with many phones that have either relied on their history with consumers by pushing their raw power, or by trying new formulas that unfortunately did not work.

It must be said that the execution of these is often too wobbly, and thus does not allow consumers to imagine changing for these novelties. In 2017, however, Samsung is preparing to turn it all upside down by offering a flexible smartphone whose patents reveal the originality.

ETNews reports that Korean LG will not let it be alone on the market in 2017, and is already starting to equip itself to produce such smartphones. Its screen producer Gumi would have been modified in order to be able to design in large quantities its flexible OLED screens.

But that's not all: the foldable smartphone project would also have moved from the Research and Development section to the company's development section, indicating an upcoming commercialization of the product.

The icing on the cake, he also signed a contract with IGNIS Innovation, a company producing the flexible circuits used by future smartphones in this way. Suffice to say that it is now over-equipped to be able to face Samsung head-on in 2017.

This is not very surprising, since after all LG was one of the first to design flexible screens that could be used in future devices. The technology has evolved rapidly, and is now mature enough to be used in large-public devices. As for the shape that these manufacturers will choose… We're going to have to stay patient, and find out as early as next year! We're looking forward to it.

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