Nintendo 64 Classi Mini: Big N is already preparing the little sister of the Super NES Classic Mini

by Jerry

The Japanese would work on an N64 Classic Mini like the NES Classic Mini or the Super NES Classic Mini expected in September. The Japanese continues to rely on retrogaming for the delight of gamers who can plunge back into the past by playing the old hits of the home console.

The N64 will be entitled to a second life soon, that's what the filing of a logo that clearly shows the shape of the controller of the mythical Console of Big N suggests. For now, fans are looking forward to the start of the new season to get their hands on the Super NES Classic Mini.

Nintendo continues to play on the nostalgic fiber. For the record, the N64 has sold almost 33 million copies worldwide and the console's best-selling game was none other than Super Mario 64 which allowed players to dive into the world of the world's most famous plumber in 3D.

N64 Classic Mini: Japanese would slowly prepare for arrival

For now, no need to ask when the console will go on sale and with which games. Nintendo always takes great care to choose a list of games that would appeal to the majority of players. We noticed it recently with the Super NES Classic Mini and its selection of games.

However, although the filing with EUIPO (European Union Office for Intellectual Property) is relatively suggestive, there is no evidence to support any claims regarding Nintendo's plans.

However, the idea of seeing it land is far from absurd. Imagine if you can immerse yourself in the hits of the past like Super Mario 64 or the unmissable The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

It is clear that Nintendo clearly has a big shot to play, not to mention that the NES Classic Mini quickly found itself out of stock and could not satisfy everyone.


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