Nintendo Switch: Scams multiply in the face of stock outage

by Jerry

Faced with the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Switch, scammers are taking advantage of the widespread stock outage to trick consumers eager to acquire the console. In Japan, the number of thefts and console-related scams is no longer counted, and this sad trend could soon spread to France.


The Nintendo Switch is a victim of its success. In Japan, resellers are simply unable to meet demand, and the console is in perpetual out of stock. As a result, players are desperately trying to acquire a copy, and the scammers are taking advantage of it without hesitation.

Examples of consumers being scammed trying to buy a Switch from a dubious source are proliferating, to the point where Japanese television channels are warning citizens of this danger. So, a few days ago, a young boy tried to buy his console from a Twitter user.

The latter used the social network to offer the Switch at a price below the official rate. He offered the device for a price of 30,000 yen, or about $270. Faced with this enticing offer, the young boy rushed, thinking he would do the trick of the century.

Nintendo Switch: Beware of social media scams

In accordance with the seller's request, the young man bought Amazon gift cards and sent the code to the Twitter user. Immediately, the seller's account disappeared, and the scammer evaporated with the money.

Obviously, such a scam seems too obvious to trap the first comer. However, the Nintendo Switch is so coveted that players fall for it. Fortunately for the young boy who was scammed on Twitter, many users were taken with compassion for him. One of them even decided to offer him a free Switch as compensation.

In France, console-related scams are not yet as common. However, the Switch is also very successful in France, so it is better to remain very wary. Don't buy the Switch from trusted sources, and avoid throwing yourself at bargains.

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