RetroN 2: A $50 SNES Classic to play all Super Nintendo games

by Jerry

Hyperkin's RetroN2 console lets you play all NES and Super Nes games with the controllers of yesteryear. An excellent alternative to Nintendo's SNES Classic, which is much cheaper and available now.

A few weeks ago, Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition. This miniature console takes the design of the famous Super Nintendo, and allows to play the most popular games released on this platform in the 90s.

For those nostalgic for retro-gaming, it's a real dream come true. The opportunity to play classics like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VI or Super Mario Bros is already exciting for many players. However, this is not the main strength of the SNES Classic.

RetroN2: a miniature console compatible with the official controllers

Certainly, emulators like Snes9X allow you to play all Super Nintendo games on a PC or even a smartphone for many years, with ease. Nevertheless, the SNES Classic allows you to play these games in the conditions of yesteryear, with the original controller, and on a television screen.

In fact, like the NES Classic, it is very likely that this small console unleashes the passions of consumers and finds itself very quickly out of stock as soon as its launch expected on September 29. If you haven't pre-ordered the device yet and really want to get it, it's best to hurry up.

However, there is a very good alternative to the SNES Classic Edition. The Hyperkin RetroN2 console allows you to play all SNES or NES games, with controllers very close to those of yesteryear. It is even possible to use the real controllers of yesteryear. In addition, its price is only 50 dollars, instead of 75 euros for the official version.  The machine is available now at this address.

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