Nintendo Switch: Accused of copying an accessory it risks sales ban

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch is currently in the sights of an accessory designer, Gamevice. According to the latter, The Big N console would infringe some of its patents. At issue are the famous Joy-Con that would be too similar to its intellectual property. The threat of a sales ban hovers like a sword of Damocles over the japanese head.

The success of the Nintendo Switch is both expected and surprising according to the firm. The hybrid console – both living room and portable – is attracting the interest of a very large number of players who still have a hard time getting it today.

Gamevice offers products and accessories for players and just one of its creations takes its place on an Android smartphone, iOS or even a tablet. These are detachable controllers that are arranged on the sides like the Switch and its Joy-Con.

Nintendo Switch: a threat of a ban on sale hangs over the console

KFC with its box of nuggets transformable into a smartphone game controller is not worried at the moment by the propsman who only points the finger at Japanese. Gamevice is clearly not happy and makes it known by claiming his rights in court. The company was also known by another name, Gamepad, because it was marketing an Android tablet with which one could play on its television.

The risk is significant for Nintendo because if the court recognizes that the Switch infringes the patents described by the propsman, the giant may no longer be able to sell its consoles throughout the United States. Of course, chances are it doesn't go that far, an out-of-court settlement with a good big cheque is not to be ruled out.

We will see how this case goes, in another register the Nintendo Switch has experienced its share of setbacks especially regarding its battery. Not everything is rosy in the Big N landscape, however the company earns huge revenues with the success of the little one.

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