FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch: discover a first gameplay video

by Jerry

It's the big day: Fifa 18 is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Before you rush into this new video game, discover a first glimpse of its rendering on Nintendo's hybrid console. What does a full football game look like on the famous Switch? How are Fifa 2018's graphics performance on the console? Do you have to crack today?

This Friday, September 29, the famous football video game arrives at all the best sellers of the web. Before you let go and offer you the video game, discover a first glimpse of its game play in a new exclusive video. So what does Fifa 18 look like on your TV? What does the portable video game look like? Find out the ending that will answer all your questions at the end of the article!

Fifa 18 on the Nintendo Switch: get a first look at its game play

As announced by Electronics Arts, the Switch version of Fifa 18 will be equipped with the same features as the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions. However, given the technical limitations of the Switch, don't expect image quality as photorealistic as on these next-generation consoles. According to the VentureBeat website, the rendering is closer to that on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Given the latest innovations in the video game field, Fifa 18's graphics on the Switch may seem a little outdated. Even if the game fares hardly better on a TV screen than on the Switch, let's not sulk our pleasure.

You are still convinced by this first video preview but you do not yet have the right console? You've decided to treat yourself but you still have a few questions: where to get the Nintendo Switch at the best possible price? What is the console in general worth? Check out our full review of Nintendo's latest bomb.

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