The SNES Classic Mini can already be hacked like the NES Classic

by Jerry

The hakchi 2 hack, which allowed you to modify the kernel of the NES Classic Mini, is also compatible with the SNES Classic Mini. As a result, users of Nintendo's new mini console will soon be able to freely add the Super Nintendo games of their choice to the device's library. Good news for players disappointed with the small number of titles offered natively.

Like the NES Classic Mini, Nintendo's new SNES Classic Mini allows users to relive an experience that is true to the One offered by the Super Nintendo in the 1990s. The design is the same as that of the original console, the controllers included are identical, and the software interface pays tribute to this golden age of video games. In short, with this device, Nintendo offers players a proper time travel.

However, many users regret that it is impossible to buy new games in the form of cartridges, or even in digital format. In total, the SNES Classic offers only 21 games. Of course, we find most of the classics: Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or Super Metroid. The console even offers the new Game Star Fox 2, whose launch had been cancelled at the end of development. However, many cult games are missing, such as Ogre Battle for example.

SNES Classic Mini: Hackchi 2 hack lets you add games

This limited catalog had already disappointed many players on the NES Classic Mini launched at the end of 2016. Of course, users quickly found a way around these limits with software called hakchi2. This tool allows you to modify and rewrite the console's kernel. Thus, it is possible to add any NES game to the library of the NES Classic Mini. Less than 24 hours after the official launch of the SNES Classic Mini, a Reddit forum user bearing the pseudonym SpongeFreak52 discovered that hakchi 2 also works with this new retro mini console.

The fact that hackchi 2 is also compatible with the SNES Classic Mini is not very surprising. Remember that the components of the SNES Classic Mini are the same those of the NES Classic Mini. The only difference is that the 8-bit limit is lifted to be able to use the 16-bit games of the Super Nintendo. For now, following this discovery, the modder community is actively working to extract files from the SNES Classic so that all users can enjoy the hack.

Remember that the use of this hack, like any modification of the hardware of the SNES Classic Mini, immediately cancels the warranty. For the rest, however, Nintendo does not seem to intend to prevent users from using hackchi 2 in any way. If that's your choice, you can use this tool. It should also be noted that the unreleased Star Fox 2 was extracted from the console's memory in ROM format, and can now be launched on any Super NES emulator.

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