Nintendo Switch: a transparent version worthy of the consoles of yesteryear

by Jerry

YouTuber JerryRigsEverything today unveiled a video tutorial to replace the Nintendo Switch's hull with a beautiful transparent shell. The result is a direct reminder of The Nintendo consoles of yesteryear such as the GameBoy Pocket, Color, Advance or the N64.

For several weeks now, many YouTubers have proudly displayed their Nintendo Switch, which is housed in a transparent shell of the most beautiful effect. This shell replaces the original coloured plastic of Nintendo's famous hybrid console, and gives it a very pleasant look. In addition, veteran players will no doubt remember with nostalgia the hours of play spent on the transparent GameBoy or Nintendo 64.

In short, this transparent Nintendo Switch shell has enough to make the owners of the console salivate with envy. Luckily, jerryRigsEverything's YouTube channel, best known for its smartphone destruction videos, today unveiled a video tutorial to make this beautiful translucent case yourself. To do this, you'll just have to follow the instructions in the built-in video at the end of this article. Beware, however, that the operation is not within everyone's reach.

If you feel resourceful enough, be prepared to put your hands in the mud. You will have to handle many screws, cables and other fragile components of the Nintendo Switch. The process is very risky, but the result is up to the effort to be made. This seamless Nintendo Switch will allow you to wow all your friends. Before you start, keep in mind that any hardware changes made to the Switch directly void the warranty.

The less handymen will still be able to enjoy the look while admiring this transparent Switch. Seeing this superb result, we can only regret that Nintendo has not decided to offer directly a transparent version of its successful Nintendo Switch console. In the 90s, gaming machines were very often declined in this style, but this fashion seems to have disappeared. Faced with the excitement of this DiY customization, Nintendo may have the good idea to launch a new transparent edition for the Switch.

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