SNES Classic Mini: how to hack the Nintendo console in 5 minutes

by Jerry

The SNES Classic Mini can finally be hacked with the HackChi 2 tool so you can add GAMES to the ROM format to the console's internal memory. The opportunity to add all the games of your childhood to be able to plunge back into the past. Learn how to do it with ease with a 5-minute video uploaded by YouTuber La Chain de Polo.

Update 13/10/2017: HackChi is now available in version 2.21c. This update makes some bug fixes and slight improvements, and makes it easier to use the software.

The SNES Classic Mini is a collector's item for Nintendo fans. This miniature version of the Super NES allows you to go straight back to the 90s and rediscover the experience offered by the Super Nintendo considered one of the best consoles of all time. A return to the golden age of video games, here's what this device offers. However, the console's internal memory contains only about twenty games, and it is officially impossible to add more. Admittedly, these games are excellent and are the best of the best titles published on SNES, but users may quickly go around.

In addition, we regret the absence of some great classics like Chrono Trigger, Actraiser or Ogre Battle. Since September 29, 2017, when the SNES Mini was launched, many players are waiting to be able to hack the SNES Mini. It didn't take long, as one user realized directly that the HackChi 2 tool created to hack the NES Mini is also compatible with the SNES Mini. After a few touch-ups, the utility is finally ready and you can now add games to the internal memory of your mini console.

SNES Mini: how to hack the console with HackChi 2

Knowing that only 80 MB are used out of the 300 MB of storage space, you will be able to give it to heart. It remains to be seen how to proceed. For a novice user, the operation can be tricky. A handling error can permanently block the console. Fortunately, the YouTuber Polo Channel explains how to proceed in a didactic way through a 5-minute video. So you just have to follow his instructions carefully to be able to add the games of your choice to the SNES Mini.

  • Download HackChi 2.20 at this address.
  • Connect the SNES Mini turned off to your USB PC
  • Launch HackChi on your PC
  • Click Add More Games
  • Choose a game in ROM format
  • Click Sync selected games
  • Hold down the console's Reset and Power keys until it is detected by the PC
  • The game will be transferred from the PC to the console memory and will be accessible from the SNES Mini games library

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