Super Mario Odyssey: 2 million games sold in just 3 days, a smashing success…

by Jerry

Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo's latest game for its Switch console, has sold 2 million copies in just 3 days on the market! A colossal success unveiled by the latest figures of the manufacturer/developer, and which already places its latest game among the top 5 best-selling games on this platform.

"Nintendo is going to die." This is a speech that we have been hearing for many years, when the Wii had not been able to captivate the "hardcore gamers" more inclined to utter this sentence. Faced with the total lack of popularity of the Wii U, it even grew despite the fact that the 3DS sold like hotcakes.

But faced with the Nintendo Switch, the latest console of the Japanese master, it is difficult to continue to fuel this discourse. The latest sales figures for the Nintendo Switch show that it is on the verge of surpassing the Wii U in just one year, having already reached half of its total sales in just 7 months. Super Mario Odyssey, the latest big game released, also shows an iron health for the developer.

2 million Super Mario Odyssey sold in 3 days

It is indeed in the same report that we can learn that Super Mario Odyssey has already sold 2 million copies in just 3 days on the world market. In just 3 days of existence, it is already in the top 5 best-selling games on the console.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild held the record at 4.7 million, followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at 4.42 million. Splatoon 2 closed the top 3 at 3.6 million sales, when the latter Mario took directly 4th place in the nose and beard of 1 2 Switch (1.4 million) and ARMS (1.3 million).

And that should only get to the big business, as the Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Odyssey pack sold during the holiday season should also boost both console and game sales itself. One thing is certain: the historic Japanese manufacturer of video games should never be considered dead.

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