Super NES Classic Mini: "stratospheric sales" in France!

by Jerry

The Super NES Classic Mini or Super Nintendo Mini is a hit in France. 160,000 copies were sold in just one month of marketing. "Stratospheric sales" explains the CEO of Nintendo France who certainly did not expect this "incredible phenomenon".

After an UNS Classic Mini that was an unexpected success, the Super NES Classic Mini is doing it again. Philippe Lavoué, CEO of Nintendo France, did not expect such success in France. This is what he explained to our colleagues at Le Figaro.

The HD-screen reissue of the legendary 90s console was a phenomenal success. The first official figures have fallen: a month after its release, 160,000 copies of the Super Nintendo Mini have been sold. The CEO of Nintendo France explains:

It's an incredible phenomenon. We sell 95% of the stocks we put up on the shelves. It is a product of the past that has stratospheric sales. And we haven't entered the Christmas period yet…

Super NES Classic Mini, Switch: 2017 is Nintendo's year

With the Super NES Classic Mini, Nintendo has made a nice move. Retro games are on the rise, and the success of the NES Classic Mini is a testament to that. But in 2016, Nintendo had not anticipated such a phenomenon and had quickly sold limited stocks. In 2017, Japan took the lead and announced at the launch of the SNES that stocks would be sufficient to meet demand.

Word held. With 160,000 copies sold, the SNES Classic Mini has already surpassed its big sister. Sales account for one-third of sales of Switch,Nintendo's latest console. And the phenomenon is not unique to France. In the United States, it sold more SNES Classic Mini than PS4 and Switch during the month of September 2017. impressive.

It must be said that the ingredients of success are there. Nintendo offers an affordable product (89 euros) playing on the sensitive rope of players: nostalgia. Not only is the console in a reduced format, but also most of the games that have accompanied generations of players: Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2, Star Fox, Zelda and many others. As a bonus we are entitled to games that had not been marketed in France at the time of the Super Nintendo: Super Mario RPG, Star Fox 2, Final Fantasy VI. In any case, we were all won over at Phonandroid during the test of this Super NES Classic Mini.

In addition to this success, Nintendo is a hit with its Switch. The new console is a hit and it's not over. Nintendo France plans to double Switch's sales over the Christmas period to an additional 400,000 copies by December 31. The Japanese also wants to sell 1 million games by then. Large licenses should allow it to largely achieve its objectives. Super Mario Odyssey, released on October 27, 2017, sold 2 million copies worldwide in just three days. It's safe to say, 2017 is Nintendo's year.

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