Nintendo Switch: Playing mario on PC with Yuzu emulator will soon be possible

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch will be able to benefit from the Yuzu emulator on PC, leaving players the opportunity to indulge in titles like Super Mario Odyssey without the need for the games console. The developers behind this announcement have already worked on a similar device for the 3DS. The feat is to be emphasized while the console was released less than a year ago.

You can play games from many consoles with emulators, there are also on Android. This practice is considered illegal if one does not own the original game. The Nintendo Switch is a hit in France and around the world, so it's no surprise that developers are working on an emulator to run hit titles like Zelda Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey to name but two examples.

Nintendo Switch: Playing Mario on his PC using the Yuzu emulator will soon be possible

It was on Twitter that the developers of Citra, an emulator for the Nintendo 3DS,announced this great news"We're announcing Yuzu, the first emulator of the Nintendo Switch that will do everything you don't need. Stay tuned for more information!". A very simple message that has its little effect on social networks. Given the popularity of the Switch, this is not surprising in itself.

The availability of this emulator has not yet been announced, one imagines that it is a matter of a few weeks or months, difficult to say. Players can expect to play in good conditions with a muscular configuration, with no doubt the possibility to rediscover the titles of the Nintendo Switch in 4K. We will have to wait until the team in charge of the project reveals more information about this, with whom knows? A version for Android a little later. For your part, how do you perceive the arrival of a Nintendo Switch emulator on PC?


Announcing yuzu, the first Nintendo Switch emulator that does all of the things you didn't need it to do! Stay tuned for more from the yuzu team!

— yuzu (@yuzuemu) January 14, 2018

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