Xbox Games With Gold: Free Games of the Month for March 2018

by Jerry

The free Xbox Games With Gold games for March 2018 have been unveiled by Microsoft. Each month, four titles will be available free of charge to players who subscribe to Microsoft's online service. The selection of downloadable titles is divided into two games for the Xbox One and two more for the Xbox 360. But with the retrocompatibility on Microsoft's platform, all four games are available for the Xbox One.

The Xbox Games With Gold for March 2018 has been unveiled by Microsoft. This Xbox Live Gold subscriber-only service allows players to discover new games for free every month. Two games are available for the Xbox 360 and two games are exclusive to Xbox One. However, with the retrocompatibility supported by Microsoft, all four games are downloadable on xbox One.

Redmond's firm is also inviting players to take an interest in its Xbox Game Pass offering, in which Microsoft adds all of its exclusive games. Indeed, Microsoft has released the checkbook to get exclusives for its Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft unveils free Xbox Games With Gold games for March 2018

Xbox Games With Gold subscribers who own an Xbox One, see Xbox One X, the best console in the world, are offered this month Trials of the Blood Dragon and Superhot. The first is a hybrid that mixes the motorcycle game Trials and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon! It offers various races, by motorcycle, on foot, but also shooting and swinging! Trials of the Blood Dragon has 30 missions to complete in 7 different worlds. Superhot is an FPS where space-time revolves around the character embodied by the player. An award-winning masterpiece that was conceived during a 7-day Game Jam!

On the Xbox 360 side, but available for Xbox One players, the Xbox Games With Gold contains Rebelle and Quantum Conundrum. The first is an action game inspired by the Pixar animated film, where the player will live new Scottish adventures with the heroine of the film, Merida. The second is a game of reflection that takes place in several dimensions, in which the player must solve puzzles and puzzles. Note that Assassin's Creed Chonicles India (Xbox One) and Split/Second Velocity (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) games are still available until March 15.


  • Trials of the Blood Dragon: available for free from March 1 to 31 (Xbox One)
  • Superhot: available for free from March 16 to 31 (Xbox One)
  • Rebel: available for free from March 1 to 15 (Xbox 360 – Xbox One)
  • Quantum Conundrum: Available for free from March 16 to 31 (Xbox 360 – Xbox One)
  • Assassin's Creed Chonicles India: available for free until March 15 (Xbox One)
  • Split/Second Velocity: available for free until March 15 (Xbox 360 – Xbox One)

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