Pre-order Nintendo Labo kit Toy-Con cheap: where to buy it at the best price?

by Jerry

Want to buy the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con kit? Big N surprised everyone by offering an amazing cardboard kit to experiment with your Nintendo Switch. This one consists of a cartridge of mini-games and pieces of cardboard. What's next? After a little folding, we have structures in which we insert the Joy-Con – which allows to interact in new ways with the console and its games. We give you all the right addresses to buy it cheaper!

Nintendo struck again, and surprised everyone with its Nintendo Labo kit Toy-Con, available in France since April 27, 2018. Nintendo promised a new"unprecedented interactive experience." And did not disappoint his fans! As the competition tries to retain their gamer base with crazy specs, a catalog provided, and the switch to VR, Nintendo is taking a completely different direction for the very original shot – and that looks like a sustained tribute to hacking,in other words the hijacking of objects or devices. Nintendo's kit includes a cartridge… and pre-cut pieces of cardboard!

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con pre-order: where to find multi and robot kits at the best price?

These are transformed into a quantity of interactive objects thanks to Joy-Con and the Switch: piano, pedal, fishing rod, motorcycle, robot mech… really unexpected possibilities for a console that already makes – forgive the pun – a huge box! As we explain in our file on Nintendo Labo, there are currently two kits. The first, called Multi Kit, allows you to build a remote-controlled car, a house, a fishing rod, a motorcycle or even a piano.

The second kit called Kit Robot allows you to build a complete robot outfit and control a mech robot on the screen. A pretty amazing kit – that you can see in the heat of the action at the end of the article. We got you the best prices for both kits:

Nintendo Labo Multi Kit Cheaper

  • Buy the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Multi Kit on Amazon: CLICK HERE
  • Buy the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Multi Kit on Cdiscount: CLICK HERE

Nintendo Labo Kit Robot Cheaper

  • Buy the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Robot Kit on Amazon: CLICK HERE
  • Buy the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Kit Robot on Cdiscount: CLICK HERE
  • Buy the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Robot Kit on the Fnac: CLICK HERE

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