Nintendo Labo on Switch: kits, release date, price, everything you need to know about the carto console…

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Nintendo launches Nintendo Labo "a new series of interactive experiences" on Switch. Thanks to the Lab, the Nintendo Switch can transform into a multitude of objects that mix virtual and real thanks to… cardboard. A clever mix that only Nintendo could invent. Kits, release date and price, here's everything you need to know about Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo had given us an appointment on January 17, 2018 at 11 p.m. to present us"an interactive experience " unprecedented" around its flagship console, the Switch. So we look forward to this new development. And we were not disappointed. Big N has lifted the Nintendo Labo veil, a concept unique in the world that demonstrates how creative the Japanese giant can be and distinguish itself from its competitors.

Nintendo Labo on Switch: what is it?

Our goal is to give a smile to everyone who comes into contact with Nintendo. Nintendo Labo invites all creative minds and gamers to create, play and discover new experiences with the Nintendo Switch. I personally hope to see a lot of people having fun together by building the kits as a family, with a smile. Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe

It is with these words that Big N introduced Nintendo Labo, the great novelty that must offer a new experience of the excellent Switch. This is a kit containing pieces of cardboard. Once assembled, they become game accessories for the Nintendo Switch. A cartridge comes with each kit to interact with the console.

The great originality of this Lab is that it does not revolve solely around the video game. It also operates the Switch as an object. For example, by assembling a few pieces of cardboard and incorporating Joy-con controllers, you can create a remote-controlled car that will move forward thanks to the vibrations of the controllers. Once built, these toys are named Toy-con.

Nintendo has literally materialized the playful side of video game. The Switch is not only a hybrid lounge/portable console, it is also a toy for young and old. We build, we destroy, we try, we start again, we have fun. All without the need for equipment, the cartons are designed in such a way that they fit together.

Nintendo Labo: Kits


The Nintendo Labo is launched with two kits. The first one called "Multi-kit" transforms the Switch into a series of objects all more original than the other. They are accompanied by their mini-games available on the Switch cartridge. Here is the full list of objects that can be created with this "multi-kit":

  • The remote-controlled car: insert the left and right Joy-Con into your new remote-controlled car and control its movements on the Nintendo Switch's touchscreen. The HD vibrations of the Joy-Con controllers allow you to move the car in the direction of your choice. Parts needed to build two remote-controlled cars are included.
  • Home: By inserting various assembly blocks into the openings on the sides and underside of the house, you can interact, feed and play games with an adorable creature playing at the front of the House on the Nintendo Switch screen. Each block of different shape is spotted by the right Joy-Con motion detector infrared camera located above the House.
  • Fishing rod: Build a fishing rod with a real active reel attached to a wire attached to a support now the Nintendo Switch console. Throw your line and drop the lent with the reel to make the hook dive. When you feel a vibration from the Joy-Con embedded in the reel, you must quickly grind to wind the line and tilt your fishing rod upwards to catch a fish.
  • Motorcycle: Insert a Joy-Con at each end of a handlebar to ride a motorcycle on the Nintendo Switch screen. Press the starter button to launch the engine, rotate the right handle to activate the accelerator, and control the direction of the bike by bending or turning the handlebar arms left or right.
  • The piano: After assembling a 13-key piano and placing the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con inside, you can create your own music by pressing the different keys. You can even insert different buttons to create new sound effects and change tone. It's the right Joy-con's infrared camera that identifies the keys that sink through reflective stickers glued to each key.
  • Guitar: The Nintendo Labo kit can also turn your Switch into a guitar. Elastics placed on the console serve as strings and the Joy-Con is placed on the top of the handle of the construction to be able to use both hands and feel like holding a real guitar. Many settings via the software allow to "grant" the whole and offer a convincing experience.


The second kit offered by Nintendo in its Lab is called "Kit Robot". This is a complete robot outfit in which you will be able to slip in. Simply insert The Joy-con in the designated slots (a cardboard backpack and a viewfinder). Then a robot appears on your TV screen and all you have to do is control the robot as if it were you. A bit like Hugh Jackman in Real Steel. Mini-games can destroy buildings or UFOs with devastating fists. The kids are going to let off steam.

Release date and price

Nintendo Labo for Switch is available in France from April 27, 2018. The "Multi Kit" pack is available for just over 50 euros according to dealers while the "Kit Robot" is marketed around 60 euros.

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