Xbox Elite Controller 2: Microsoft takes advantage of E3 2019 to introduce a Blueto controller…

by Jerry

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, Microsoft's new generation of high-end controllers, was introduced at E3 2019. Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to register three profiles, redesigned for comfort and efficiency, the pad will be marketed at a price of 180 euros in France. The release date is scheduled for November 4, 2019.

At the Microsoft E3 2019 conference, Redmond's firm gave us a glimpse of the next generation of its high-end controller, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. First improvement compared to the first model, this pad is Bluetooth compatible. You can easily connect it to your Xbox or PC on Windows as well as other Bluetooth-supporting devices, such as your smartphone. Beware though, not all features of the controller are supported on Android or iOS.

Xbox Elite Controller 2: released on 4 November 2019 at 180 euros

Microsoft promises that the battery offers up to 40 hours of battery life, so you don't have to recharge it after every game session or so. The charging is done by USB-C via the charging station, with the controller inside or outside the transport case. In terms of customization, it is possible to record three profiles, ideal when there are several of us using a controller or if you have habits that differ depending on the type of game. Also, there is an analog stick adjustment tool to manually change the voltage of the controller, with 3 voltage settings to choose from.

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Finally, the triggers have been redesigned for simpler (and especially shorter) access and the support grips are better for better grip. The system of the paddles at the back is always present. The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is scheduled for release in France on November 4, 2019. It will be marketed at a price of 179.99 euros. Pre-orders are already open on the Microsoft Store.

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