Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft would abandon the entry-level Xbox Lockhart

by Jerry

The Xbox Scarlett project is said to have evolved. Microsoft has reportedly decided to abandon the development of Lockhart, its entry-level next-generation console, to focus on the more powerful, better equipped and true rival Of the Xbox Anaconda of the PS5.

One or two new generation Xboxes by the end of 2020? While there has been talk for months of two consoles in the boxes, code names Lockhart and Anaconda, recent evidence suggests that Microsoft abandoned the first one in order to focus on the second. The famous Scarlett project would thus consist only of the premium Xbox expected to compete with the PS5.

A single Xbox facing playStation?

According to Thurrott's information, voices have been raised within the Microsoft and Xbox teams to challenge the decision to release two Xbox models. The fear is that game developers will optimize their title first for the less powerful Xbox (Lockhart) so that everyone can play in good conditions. In this case, the high-end Xbox Anaconda would then have had a disadvantage compared to the new PlayStation in terms of performance and graphics, despite comparable hardware. It would have been difficult to convince the studios to work for the Xbox Anaconda and then to make their titles less greedy for the Lockhart because it is easier to perform upscale than downscale.

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In addition, Microsoft would also have been marked by the failure of its Xbox One S All-Digital without a Blu-Ray player. However, the Lockhart would also have relied on dematerialization in order to reduce costs and offer a low price for casual players. But Redmond's firm believes that all this is in any case much less interesting since its offer of easy and cheap entry into the video game must eventually be provided by its cloud gaming service xCloud, which is scheduled for release in October 2019.

Source: Thurrott

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