Huawei P40: a Max version to accompany the classic and Pro versions?

by Jerry

A new rumor claims that Huawei has planned three high-end models in its P40 series to come in a few weeks. The P40 and P40 Pro would be accompanied by an even stronger model, which is nicknamed P40 Max. A strategy reminiscent of recent leaks about Samsung.

There were three iPhone 11s. There will definitely be three Galaxy S20s. And there could be three high-end P40s. A Chinese leaker, regularly cited for his indiscretions on Huawei, revealed on Twitter that the P40 series could indeed be added in three "flgships". This would therefore exclude from this calculation a probable Lite version to replace the P30 Lite.

On these three models, we would find the classic P40, of course, and the P40 Pro. The latter two have been very regularly crossed in the many rumors circulating on the Internet. We discovered in particular their design, which would be quite similar to that of Samsung's Galaxy 20. We have officially learned that their battery will not be graphene. And we know that the P40 Pro, whose screen should benefit from a refresh rate of 90 Hz, should be equipped with five photo sensors housed in a rectangular block.

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The third model is not named. The leaker makes two suggestions. First, it could be a P40 Max,implying that it would come above the P40 Pro. Second hypothesis, it could be a Porsche Design P40. This would be the first time that Huawei has included a Porsche Design in the P series. Usually, the partnership with the German studio is more about the Mate series. However, it wouldn't be the first time Huawei has introduced a Porsche Design model earlier this year: the Mate RS Porsche Design was made official in 2018, along with the P30 and P30 Pro.

Like Apple and Samsung?

The arrival of a third high-end P40 is not impossible, far from it. It even seems very logical, since Apple has formalized three iPhone 11s in 2019 and Samsung could present three Galaxy S20s. There is one thing in common between the Apple strategy and the rumors about Samsung: the basic model replaces the cheaper model of the previous generation. So the iPhone XR is replaced by the iPhone 11. And the Galaxy S20 would succeed the Galaxy S10e.

Could this also be the case at Huawei? Obviously not, since the P30 Lite was sold for less than 400 euros at its launch, compared to 799 euros and 769 euros for the iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10e. It remains to be seen how Huawei intends to position its three models if the information is confirmed.

The P40 may also come in three models

— Teme (特米)? (@RODENT950) January 2, 2020

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