Huawei P40 Pro: no notch or hole in the screen?

by Jerry

The Huawei P40 Pro continues to reveal itself. A new leak from China has indeed come teaser the integration of a screen 100% borderless. The smartphone should obviously ignore the notch or punch in the screen.

For the past few days, the photo of a screen protection that would be intended for the Huawei P40 Pro has been spreading on Chinese social networks, report our colleagues at Huawei Central. After investigation, it is discovered that the original photo was posted by a well-known Chinese blogger. So we can give some credit to this leak.

Note the presence of very curved edges, as seen in the renderings of the Huawei P40 unveiled by OnLeaks. No cut-outs are visible on this protective glass. The smartphone is apparently not topped with a drop-shaped notch (like the Huawei P30) or equipped with a holed screen.

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Retractable photo sensor or selfie sensor under the screen?

In that case, where did Huawei place the selfie camera? There are two options available to the manufacturer. First, Huawei might have integrated the photo sensor into a sliding drawer hidden in the smartphone's structure. Many smartphone brands, including OnePlus and Xiaomi, have opted for this mechanism. However, early rumors about P40s have denied the integration of a retractable camera.

Huawei could therefore hide the selfie camera directly under the screen. It is rumoured that Huawei has secretly developed a technology similar to that of Oppo and Xiaomi. In recent months, the two manufacturers have unveiled a technology to place a photo module under the slab. Oppo even presented a fully functional prototype. Under these conditions, the P40 could become the first smartphone with a camera sensor on screen. You are invited to take these rumours with some hindsight while waiting for official information.

Source: Huawei Central

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