Huawei P40 voted best smartphones in photo by TIPA Awards 2020

by Jerry

The Huawei P40s are the best smartphones in the field of photography, announces the Technical Image Press Association, an association of 29 European photography magazines. The range has just won the TIPA World Awards 2020. They succeed the P30, P20 and P10 Plus.



The Huawei P40's camera continues to make a name for itself! As has been the case every year since 1991, TIPA experts have awarded prizes to the best products dedicated to photography. In the "smartphone" category, the association awarded the Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro. "Smartphone photographic performance is taking another big step forward with the latest generation of Huawei's P-range," TIPA says on its official website.

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Huawei wins for the 4th year in a row!

TIPA praises algorithms doped with artificial intelligence,which has spearheaded Huawei for several years. "The remarkable features of smartphones include AI-based white balance algorithms, including algorithms dedicated to color and texture optimization, significantly improved dynamic range and increased low-light performance, color temperature sensors and impressive focus capability on all pixels," tipA explains.

This is not the first time the association has praised Huawei's knowledge. This is already the fourth consecutive event in which the Chinese manufacturer wins the title. In 2017, the Huawei P10 Plus excited TIPA. In 2018, the association had crowned the P20 Pro. And last year, TIPA unsurprisingly voted the P30 Pro best smartphone in photography. It should be noted that this time TIPA did not focus on a particular model. It is the entire range that is highlighted.

TIPA is not the only organization to sing the rentals of the camera designed by Huawei and Leica. A few weeks ago, DxOMark elected the Huawei P40 Pro king of photo and selfies after a rigorous battery of laboratory tests.

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