PS5: Sony patents a game cartridge, but what can it be used for?

by Jerry

Sony is working on a game cartridge system or a removable storage system, information revealed by a patent filed by the Japanese firm. This document explains what this accessory would look like that could be intended for the PS5, but also recalls that the PS Vita stored its games on a memory card.

The physical support of the games went through very different phases. It started with floppy disks on computers and cartridges on consoles. The support has become optical on home consoles, thanks to the PC Engine, then the PlayStation and Saturn. The Dreamcast and Gamecube have even benefited from their proprietary format.

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On portable consoles, cartridges remained overwhelmingly the storage medium of console manufacturers, except Sony who preferred its "UMD", before turning back with the PlayStation Vita (which was officially discontinued at the end of 2019). Because of its hybrid and nomadic attribute, the Switch also prefers the cartridge. With the disappearance of the 3DS and vita, it is the only one today to opt for this kind of support.

A memory card or a game support?

How long will it be? It seems not. Sony has filed a patent with the USPTO (the U.S. organization that manages intellectual property) whose subject is a "game cartridge." This cartridge, which you can see on the visuals that accompany this article, reveals its chassis on the one hand (reminiscent of that of the PS1/PS2 memory card), but also an octagonal connector on the other hand (which looks a bit like that of the Gamecube memory card). A hole is present opposite this port. Maybe to remove the support from its location.

Several hypotheses are possible. This cartridge looks like a memory card (like the PS1 and PS2). Even if it is no longer really needed today, it could be an accessory intended for the PS5. We reported in November the discovery of another patent for flash memory support for games. But Sony was quick to deny the link between the patent and the console. Second hypothesis, it could bea new cartridge format for a future portable console that would replace the PS Vita. Even if the latter did not receive the reception it deserved, Sony might want to give back its chance to the nomadic game. What do you think? great

Source: ITHome

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