PS5: Updates will complete the list of retrocompatible PS4 games

by Jerry

The 100 most popular PS4 games will be available in retrocompatibility on the PS5 at the launch of the console. Sony has promised that the vast majority of other titles will be available in the future: more than 4,000 PS4 games that will be available on playStation 5. But don't expect them all to be in the near future.

The information comes from a page published a few hours ago on the PlayStation Iceland website. The text states that the PS5 will allow players to "read a catalog of retrocompatible PS4 games through system updates." The page has since been deleted, but suggests that Sony will follow Microsoft's approach to retrocompatibility of games. System updates would be regularly offered to extend the list of games supported over the months.

PS5: Sony plans updates to strengthen PS4 retrocompatibility

This news is far from making players enthusiastic, because it means that all their old PS4 games downloaded or purchased in physical version will not be directly playable on the new console. We knew this for a few weeks already, Sony having announced that only the 100 best games of the PS4 will be retrocompatible with the PS5 at launch.

If you're used to buying only some of the most popular headlines, chances are the vast majority will be back-to-back as soon as the PlayStation 5 is released. Sony has assured that more than 4000 PS4 games will be supported and that there was no question of stopping at the 100 games announced. For the rest, however, we will have to hope to see them land over the weeks via system updates. Microsoft had used the same method for Xbox One retrocompatibility with Xbox 360 games.

Since the PlayStation Iceland page has been removed in the meantime, it is difficult to infer whether this was incorrect information or whether it was simply made public a little too early. We know that Sony will most likely hold a conference dedicated to the PS5 on June 3. The company should elaborate on its plans for retrocompatibility.

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