PS5: Do you like Sony's console design? Tell us what you think

by Jerry

Sony has just unveiled the design of the PlayStation 5: but it is far from unanimous. While some welcome Sony's efforts to make its console truly futuristic, others would have preferred a more sober design, or even worried about the dissipation of heat. What do you think of Sony's aesthetic choices?

The PS5, or rather the PlayStation 5 are now official. Two versions, one with blu-ray disc and the other 100% dematerialized – in both cases with a white and black design with rather singular bluish accents. And we saw it this morning while walking on Twitter: either gamers love it or they have fun. So let's be clear, when it comes to home consoles, the appeal of exclusives certainly means more to players than the features of the device. And by unveiling a first list of 25 games we realize that Sony offers in this radius of very very heavy.

Nevertheless, this console will end well in your living room, and given its performance we suspect that we will have to watch closely the heat dissipation. It already seems counteridly to hide it behind a door in your TV cabinet for this reason. So, it's certain: no one will miss this object as soon as someone comes to your house. It remains to be seen if you think this is pretty good, because you just like its design. Or if you'll try to find some tricks to hide it a little anyway.

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You are asked to give your opinion in responding to the survey below and explaining your choice if you wish in the comments.


PS5: Do you like Sony's console design? Tell us what you think

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