PS5: Sony promises more games to be unveiled soon

by Jerry

The PS5 unveiled its design as well as its first list of games in a virtual conference on June 11, 2020. If no title has convinced you during the presentation, rest assured, since Sony indicates that others will be announced very soon.

Horizon Forbidden West

Sony released the heavy artillery last night by presenting the first big games of the PS5. Horizon 2 Forbidden West, Resident Evil 8, Spider-Man 2 or Oddworld. There's been something for everyone. Action, horror, platform, independent… but if you haven't been convinced yet, know that Sony hasn't fired all of its cartridges yet.

Jim Ryan, president of Sony's PlayStation branch, gave an interview to the BBC to review the ads. He was keen to reassure the number of games on the console, saying that the June 11 conference was just a preview. Other announcements are of course planned:

"We wanted AAA games that actually show the power of the machine. But there were also small games that use the console's innovations in a cool and innovative way. So we allowed ourselves to show a broad vision of the experience that the PlayStation 5 will offer. But this is just the beginning. We have lots of other games in development. »

Two consoles to offer more choice

One of the big surprises of the conference was the fact that the console is available in two versions. One with a record player, the other without. A variation that will logically be cheaper. But when it comes to the subject, Ryan kicks in:

"We're not going to talk about prices today. But be aware that many of our users now only buy digital games. (…) We just want to leave the choice. »

Finally, Jim Ryan has been very insistent on the sound aspect of the PS5. If the presentation did not honor the console on this point, Sony relies a lot on the sound. An argument that will have to be discovered for yourself on D-Day.

And you, what un announced game do you expect on PS5? God of War 5? A new Uncharted? Tell us in the comments!

Source: BBC

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