PS5: Sony promises less noise than the PS4 and a completely redesigned interface

by Jerry

A Sony executive said in an interview with The Guardian that a lot of effort has been made to make the PS5 quieter than the PS4. An engineer from the firm also teases a completely redesigned interface with a new visual language.

Credits: Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Simon Rutter used an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian on Sunday to talk briefly about a sensitive topic: the cooling of the PS5. Sony has talked very little so far about this topic – quite the opposite of Microsoft which explained with a luxury of detail how the Xbox Series X was built around the energy dissipation to ensure it operating silently.

As The Guardian points out, "it's been almost seven years since the PS4 was launched, and modern games like The Lastof Us Part II and God of War are pushing the console so hard that the poor device looks like it's going to take off." However, the playStation 5's design alone gives little info on how the heat is actually dissipated. What is there to be afraid that the PS5 will be as noisy with some titles?

Simon Rutter is reassuring and points out that "a lot of effort" has been made to ensure that the console will be less noisy than the previous generation. There is a good chance that more will be learned in the coming days. Another commenter, Sony's Vice President of Design, Matt MacLaurin, answered questions from users on his LinkedIn profile, which was picked up by WCCFTech.

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He assures that the interface will be unveiled "soon" and that it is a "100% overhaul of the PS4 IU with some very different new concepts". He adds: "As an IU its goal is above all practical, but it introduces an entirely new visual language and a complete overhaul of the user interface architecture." Another info: the loading times of this interface will be particularly short. Everything has been optimized so that the user achieves his goals in "a few milliseconds".

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