PS5: Sony says exclusive games will make a difference to Xbox Series X

by Jerry

With its new PS5, Sony will rely on a large catalog of exclusive games. The Japanese firm believes that exclusivity is "more important than ever" to differentiate the console from its competitor, the Xbox Series X.

During the presentation of the PS5, Sony lifted the veil on a list of 9 games exclusive to the console, including Gran Turismo 7, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales or even. These titles will only be available on Playstation 5. They will not be released on PS4 or Microsoft's Xbox Series X. At the conference, the Japanese firm also unveiled 14 video games that will land first on the PS5 before being offered on other platforms.

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Exclusive games make it possible to distinguish PS5 from Xbox, says Sony

Simon Rutter, Sony's executive vice president in Europe, believes that exclusive games are simply essential. "I think they are more important than they have ever been," Simon Rutter said in an interview with the Guardian. "Thanks to their proximity to the console designers, PlayStation studios are able to make the most of the PS5's performance and this is a really valuable advantage," explains the executive.

The manager takes the example of Gran Turismo 7, one of the flagship games of the June 11 conference. "Gran Turismo 7 will benefit from almost all the technological improvements we have in PlayStation 5. […] The 3D audio will allow you to hear the thunderous roar of a Ferrari behind or in front of you, and you will recognize the difference between that and the sound of a Maserati's engine. Driving the car using the DualSense controller will make you feel different in your hands between smooth, undulating tarmacs, compared to the gritty feel on a gravel track," explains Simon Rutter. For the frame, the exclusive games of the PS5 obviously have the advantage over the other titles.

Jim Ryan, the CEO of sony PlayStation, tempered Rutter's assertions in an interview with the BBC. "I prefer to highlight quality criteria rather than necessarily exclusivity. And when I look at our studios, it's really the quality of the work they produce that counts," Says Jim Ryan. The manager concedes, however, that "exclusive games obviously differentiate our system from another." Unsurprisingly, the console war is not just about hardware. With this in mind, Sony will announce more PS5 games in the coming months.

Source: The Guardian

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