PS5: Astro's PlayRoom will be available with the console

by Jerry

The PS5, which will be released at the end of the year, will offer a game to its users. Indeed, Sony has promised that the game Astro's PlayRoom will be preinstalled on all machines sold. More than just a gift, it is above all a technical demo for the console.

On Thursday, June 11, Sony presented the first games of its PS5 console, in addition to the design of the latter. Spider-Man Miles Morales, Resident Evil Village, Demon's Souls Remake, Horizon Forbidden West… between these huge blockbusters came Astro's Playroom, virtually gone unnoticed. It's a mistake, because if you fall for a PS5, you'll definitely play it. It will indeed be offered with the console.

Technical demo

Astro's Playroom is a game that will be installed by default on the PS5. As you can see in the ad video, this is a kind of variation of Mario games in 3D. In a pretty open world, you will have to progress and pick up coins by jumping from platform to platform.

The interest of the game is paradoxically not the game itself. Indeed, Astro's Playroom is more of a technical demo than anything else. It focuses on the capabilities of the controller, proposing to test the return of force, vibrations or haptic return of the new dualsense. A way to show developers the possibilities offered with this pad.

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Astro is one of Sony's new emblems, especially when it comes to introducing new technologies. The robot made its debut with the PSVR headset in 2016 in small demos. In 2018, he had the right to his first game, ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission, which developed a bit of his universe and was betting on the possibilities offered by VR.

Astro's Playroom stays with this in mind, this time focusing on the console controller. A game offered with the PS5 that will serve as a technical demo more than a real game, but that will inevitably be launched by millions of users. It will be a bit like the Wii Sport of the PS5.

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