The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could be the ultimate smartphone to play on Xbox xCloud

by Jerry

Could the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra be the perfect smartphone to play games on Xbox? In any case, this is what the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft suggests. The terminal could indeed be the showcase of the next xCloud service of the Firm of Redmond.

Credits: WinFuture

What if instead of buying an Xbox Series X, you're instead cracking on a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to play Xbox exclusives? The idea is far from far-fetched, since the xCloud service on Android allows you to play all Xbox games through the cloud. According to WinFuture, the Note 20 Ultra would be the perfect smartphone for that. The German website says Microsoft could use it as its showcase to promote its cloud gaming offering. Hand in hand with Samsung, it could offer more than 90 games available directly via the smartphone.

It is not clear what the partnership would be, but it's easy to imagine a pre-installed xCloud application on the device. Let's be crazy, we can also expect a few months of xCloud subscription offered for the purchase of a Note 20.

Samsung and Microsoft, partners on mobility

It wouldn't be the first time Microsoft and Samsung have worked together. Office, LinkedIn, OneDrive and Your Phone apps, all signed by Redmond's firm, are already pre-installed on Samsung's latest high-end. Similarly, the two companies announced a partnership around online gaming a few months ago.

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This would allow Samsung to offer something more on its smartphone, and Microsoft to promote its gaming ecosystem. Remember that xCloud will soon merge with the Game Pass, its on-demand gaming service. For 13 euros per month, it will then be possible to play all the games of the platform through an Android application thanks to the magic of the cloud.

A way to promote this offer that will be an integral part of its next gen strategy, which will not be centered solely around its future Xbox Series X. As a reminder, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be presented on August 5th with the Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2.

Source: WinFuture

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