Microsoft should launch smartphones and create “pure folding” in surface line

by Jerry

The next Microsoft Surface can arrive with a format enshrined by Samsung: a single folding screen. The company’s fold smartphone currently uses the two-screen (dual screen) design, in which they are physically divided. In addition to the new format, Microsoft would be working on “traditional” cell phone designs.

Ironically, Bill Gates, the company’s founder, uses a Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a smartphone. By revamping, or rather adopting the design that is successful, Microsoft shows that it is increasing its bet on the mobile industry. And in a segment that shows good demand: productivity-focused devices and “portables.”

Microsoft changed format with Surface Duo 3 “ready”
Information about the design change was released by Windows Central, based on company-linked sources. According to the website, Microsoft spent a year developing the prototype and testing the format. The choice of “pure folding”, with internal screen and external screen, came when the Surface Duo 3 with dual-screen design was already chosen.

With major design changes come major changes in the release date. Windows Central reports that there is no prediction of when the “Microsoft Surface Fold” will be released. Before making the 180º spin (just like the hinges of a folding phone), surface duo 3 was expected to arrive later this year.

About the name, we can imagine that there will be a change. After all, no it will not follow the format of two screens of the Surface Duo line. It wouldn’t make much sense to name the “pure folding” “Duo 3” and it won’t have the design of two screens divided internally and none on the outside.

This absence of external screen, present in the Galaxy Z Fold, Vivo X Fold and Huawei Mate X2 is one of the problems of the Surface Duo line. Want to look at a notification? Don’t just take your phone out of your pocket: you need to open it. Congratulations on the move, Microsoft.

Windows Phone, is that you? Microsoft prepares its own mobile phone
According to Windows Central sources, Microsoft has plans to launch smartphones in traditional formats. These models would be the standard Surface line, just as Samsung does with its S, A and M series.

Thus, the basic Surfaces would be the option for those who want a smartphone for everyday use, but would not be willing to invest in a folding. To make its phones more attractive, Microsoft is developing its mobile software to have more integration with PCs —just like Apple does between Macs and iPhones.

Will in a few months, perhaps no more than two years, you will access tecnoblog and see the news “Microsoft launches Surface Phone*, high-end smartphone line to compete with iPhone and Galaxy S”?

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