Twitter for iOS wins Tab For You, just like TikTok

by Jerry

iOS users will now no longer need to use the ✨ to-switch timeline between timeline with recommended tweets and timeline. According to an announcement made by the social network, last Tuesday (10), the platform is updating its operating system interface so that these divisions now appear as tabs, which can be switched with a simple swipe.

The change is not exactly a novelty for users who also have an account in TikTok, after all, on the ByteDance network, there is already this same mechanics to switch between the pages of recommendations or the people you are following.

On Twitter, however, the design is an innovation, since since 2018, when it decided to rethink its decision to maintain a unique timeline based on algorithms, the microblog used the brightness icon at the top of the screen for the user to choose between it or the chronological feed.

Much easier to find, the new divisions now appear at the top of the home and rely only on the names “For you” and “Following”.

In addition to slider mechanics, you can also click on your name to switch, which continues to display algorithm-based tweets (either from people you follow or recommended accounts) and newer tweets (published in chronological order), respectively).

Timeline with recommendations becomes standard
While it just seems like a visual update, the change also brings another novelty to Twitter on iOS. From now on, the algorithmic timeline will become the default of the social network, always appearing first when the user opens the application.

In these cases, before the change, the person came to the feed she had looked at last – which allowed her account to always stay connected to the timeline, if she wanted to.

Although he didn’t say anything about taking the update also to Android or the web version of the platform, it’s worth remembering that the ✨ tool itself was first implemented by Twitter on Apple’s operating system.

Curiosity that made us suspect that the change should also arrive soon on other compatible devices.

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