LG to pay Core Wireless $3.5 million for patent infringement

by Jerry

A texas court has awarded Core Wireless a win, leaving LG to pay $3.5 million to Core Wireless for violating two patents filed over the User Interface used by the Korean.

It seems that this is the day of big bills, since LG, in good health on this year 2016 since it is preparing to officially release the LG G5 on March 31 for which analysts predict a very good result with 10 million devices sold.

Alas, he will first have to deal with a very painful bill, since the district court is in Texas, in America therefore, just agreed with the company Core Wireless, a subsidiary of Conversant, on the complaint against the Korean manufacturer.

In fact, it found that two of its patents had been infringed by LG smartphones, including the LG G4. Related to the user interface, which should no longer be a problem on the LG G5 with the 5.0 version of LG UX, the jury recognized that several of its models infringed the company's patent.

The court therefore ordered LG to pay $0.10 in damages to Core Wireless for each smartphone sold, making a total bill of as much as $3.5 million and which will continue until 2027 for each sale recorded. The LG G4 is therefore in danger of being abandoned in stores soon enough.

This is not the only legal news of the day regarding Android however, since Oracle has announced that it wants to charge Google $9.3 billion in the infringement of patents relating to the use of Java APIs (protected in law) in the free smartphone operating system.

To believe that patents are the new weapons of tomorrow's wars,making each other confront ideologies but the search for exclusivity and profit that companies derive from them.

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