LG G5: The app launcher finally makes a comeback

by Jerry

The LG G5 will finally be able to have the application launcher. Would the brand have changed its mind on this point following the return of disgruntled users? This is probably the case if we look closely at the latest video released by the manufacturer to present its new interface on the LG G5.

This video shows the LG G5's UX 5.0 interface. It shows all the features, one more surprising one giving the ability to add the application launcher by selecting the option in question in the settings. For those who didn't follow the folder, the LG G5 presented at the 2016 MWC had a version of the interface without an application launcher, so all of which were displayed on the desktops.

An interface style that can be found for example on a lot of Chinese brand interfaces or on iOS. While we've already talked about Google working on a version of Android without an app launcher, it seems that users aren't ready yet, which may explain LG's U-turn on this point.

LG finds itself in a similar case to its big competitor the Samsugn Galaxy S7 which has chosen to offer the default launcher, with an option to remove it in the settings of the "Galaxy Labs". For LG it will be the other way around, no launcher by default, but the ability to simply activate it.

It must be said that this small button displaying the full list of applications is one of the trademarks of Android that clearly distinguishes it from iOS in the way it works. But a wind of change is blowing on Google's OS and manufacturers are increasingly seeming to be considering this change.

The goal is of course to simplify the user experience. Who hasn't already had to explain to a new Android user from iOS that there is a space with all the apps, and another simply displaying the shortcuts to them on desktops, much like Windows? Which school are you from, with or without an app launcher?

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